Our Beginnings

When I started Cafe Mosaic, my first coffee shop in historic downtown Eunice, Louisiana,  I quickly realized that much more than water and a bag of beans goes into crafting a great cup of coffee.

Coffee begins with a cherry budding from the branches of one of many varieties of shrubs or trees. Each cherry is hand-picked and separated into the seeds that then travel across mountains and over seas to the expert hands of a roaster. Each of these beans has a story, and each of these beans has gone through the hands of people who have their own stories.

The stories do not end with the roasting, however. All types of people come together to share their own stories over the cups brimming with the delicacies that result from the careful roasting of these beans. At Rêve Coffee Roasters, we live for these stories.

Owner, Rêve Coffee Roasters

Our Mission

The mission of Rêve Coffee Roasters is to bring you and your neighbors together over the joy of specialty coffee. Inspired by the customs and spirit of our rich Cajun background, we roasters have dedicated ourselves to bringing a new tradition of coffee-roasting to Acadiana while honoring the old. We roast every bean in our micro-roaster right here in Acadiana. We ship the beans on the day they are roasted so that you can receive the freshest batches we have to offer.

Our Dream

The word "Rêve" is a French word for "dream." We encourage everyone drinking Rêve Coffee to hear your neighbor's story, share your dreams and taste your heritage. T.S. Elliot once said that his life was measured in spoons of coffee; we measure our success by the joy you find in the stories you share over this wonderful cup.